Saturday, April 10, 2010


Close on the heals of Captain Tellus, comes the sexiest Vulcan officer from "Carbon Creek", T'Pol's grandmother T'Mir, in her nicely fitted leather costume. This is the Enterprise costume that she strips out of behind the sheet. It is one of those pieces that looks amazing in-person and equally impressive on-screen. It could be that Jolene Blalock might add a little to the on-screen presentation. There were two versions of this costume made. A perfect minty fresh duty uniform, and this distressed version. You may note some very minor scuffing and some faint carbon scoring, but for me that only adds to the desirability as it is so readily identifiable on-screen, and it is the one that we see her in the most.

Interestingly for me, Jolene stated at the 2008 Vegas CON that this costume was her very favorite outfit from the entire show.

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