Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Ayala was a Maquis crew-member who later went on to be one of the security detail on Voyager. This particular jacket is part of his Maquis fatigues and is a sort of flack-jacket. Played by Tarik Ergin, Ayala actually appeared in 120 episodes of Voyager. You can see where IAW callously ripped the comm badge off of it prior to selling it so that they could sell the badge separately. Those tactics of destroying a piece of TV history for profit is little better than Rittenhouse cutting up and destroying so many costumes from many popular franchises just so fans can own a square inch of costume material on their popular line of costume cards. And just in case you are wondering if they really destroy the actual costumes and not just cut up a bolt of fabric, the answer is a disturbing YES!!!! Oh what gems they have destroyed over the years...

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