Sunday, September 13, 2009

Salvage Alien

This is a minor costume from ST Voyager "Imperfection", but it is actually one that I have really enjoyed wearing. It is made of completely bizarre materials and has a very cool leather and metal harness. If you notice the pants actually light up in the flash of the camera. I will be wearing this one for Halloween this year. Good luck seeing it in the only screencap I could find.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Klingon Child

Tara Bordes played a Klingon child in the Voyager episode "Prophecy." This costume is wonderful in the simplicity of its appearance, and yet it retains much of the complexity of the adult versions. It was originally created for use in the DS9 episode "Rules of Engagement" when Worf sees all the dead Klingon children, but this one never made it onto the screen until Voyager. It is featured prominently in the scene where the Klingons come aboard into the cargo bay. My oldest daughter loves this costume and hopefully she'll get a chance to wear it to a CON some future year.

Voyager Command Starfleet Uniform

I think for most people, this style of Starfleet uniform is the least favorite, aside from season 1&2 TNG, and "The Motion Picture" costumes. It is too bad because it is featured heavily on DS9 for the first five seasons and the entire seven season run of Voyager. Personally, I favor the Maroon from "The Wrath of Khan" and the "First Contact" styles best, but this one is OK in my book especially since it fits me like it was tailored for me.

I wore this to the Minneapolis CON in 2007 and had a blast fighting it out with an English Klingon during the dessert party.

This costume was also on page three of the St. Paul Pioneer Press in their coverage of the CON events. The photo as published was in black-and-white, but color looks better. I will hold off on putting screen caps with this entry since anywhere you look on Voyager you see this type of costume.


Kes is one of those characters like Ezri Dax, where people either love her or they hate her. I personally really enjoyed her character, especially the soothing nature of her voice and her cute look. Most people, however, prefered her departure, and welcomed with bulging eyes, Seven of Nine. I can't say I blame them, but Kes was a really good character IMHO and the stories of her developing telekinetic abilities were interesting science fiction.

We met Jennifer Lien, the actress who portayed Kes, in Vegas at the 2008 CON. My wife wore this costume for a photo-op with her, and she was hilarious. Her first comment was: "I can't believe I used to fit into that!" She is a delightful, down-to-earth lady who has moved on with her life and created a wonderful family, and is most certainly not living in the past (unlike a certain Mr. Wang).

This costume has great color and is a beautiful representation of the character. It was featured in such Voyager episodes as "Eye of the Needle", "Prime Factor", and "Cathexis." It is a treasured piece and I am fortunate to have it. Oh, this costume also graced the cover of TV Guide on July 15 1995. How I yearn for the days when Star Trek, the X-Files, AND MST3K were all on!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


The seventh season episode "Preemptive Strike" saw Ro Laren going undercover with the Maquis. While among them she befriended a fatherly man named Macias, played by John Franklyn-Robbins. Unfortunately for Macias, he was gunned down by Cardassian infiltrators within the maquis compound. His time with us was brief but sweet. He will be missed.

This costume component is his outer garment, and the lot included two of them, one without velcro, and one with velcro for the placement of a phaser wound.

Sirna Kolrami

I have already posted this costume on the Niner's Paradise blog for the benefit of the folks at the Gamma Quadrant podcast, but this site is its appropriate home. The Zakdorn strategist Kolrami was a wonderfully annoying guest alien on TNG's second season episode "Peak Performance." This episode has always been a favorite of mine, and it was truly a delight to acquire this costume and to be able to restore it to its appropriate glory. Kolrami was played by Roy Brocksmith.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nikolai Rozhenko

Worf's older brother Nikolai, played by the very well known Paul Sorvino, was the main guest character in TNG's "Homeward." His Boraalan costume is a very cool blend of alien and medieval influences. My friend Joel was gracious enough to model the costume for us.


Penny Johnson first appeared on Star Trek in the TNG episode "Homeward" as the Boraalan Dobara. She was the betrothed mate of Worf's older brother Nikolai Rozhenko. Penny went on to become a regular guest star on Deep Space Nine as Kasidy Yates.

TNG Season 1 & 2 Engineering Jumpsuit

This costume is seen quite a bit in the earlier episodes, and then fades into an occasionally viewed background costume in the later seasons. It is a fairly simple design and of course comes with the necessary black dickie. Anything with a dickie as a main component has to be good right? While not a top favorite of mine, it is unique and somewhat rare, so in the end I am glad to be able to enjoy its presence here.

I have yet to find a decent screencap of anyone in this costume, so I'll keep looking and if I find one, I'll add it in. For now, you'll have to put up with this reflection of the uniform. :(

TNG Season 3-7 Starfleet Uniform

When season two wrapped up, a redesign of the standard duty uniform was undertaken, much to everyone's relief. The new look with the mandarin collar created a very different, and improved aesthetic. Pictured below is a yellow engineering jumpsuit, the standard issue attire.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Chase

A favorite TNG show of both my wife and myself is the sixth season episode "The Chase." The episode proposes that the origin of all humanoid-type life throughout the galaxy was spawned by an original race that seeded the primordial worlds of many solar systems.

Professor Richard Galen, Captain Picard's archaeology mentor, was onto the trail of puzzling out the mystery of it all, when he was attacked and killed. Picard picks up the pieces and goes on to solve the puzzle, himself. When the last genetic piece is fit into place within the computer program, a holographic alien materializes to lay out the specifics of humanoid beginnings.

Professor Galen was portrayed by the amazing actor Norman Lloyd. The "Chase alien" was performed by Salome Jens (aka DS9's female founder). Here they are together.

Badar N'D'D, Antican Ambassador

Mark Alaimo, aka Gul Dukat, started his Trek career in the prosthetics and costume of Badar N'D'D. As the carnivorous chief delegate from Antica, he was supposed to negotiate a peace treaty with his enemy, the Selayans. Instead, he ended up eating his adversary. Oops!

While the episode was corny, it really smacks of season one TNG. The costume for Badar came from a friend in Ottowa. Thanks G.!

Ssestar, Selayan Ambassador

The TNG season one episode "Lonely Among Us" was perhaps not the finest effort but it did have some memorable aliens. This costume is that of Ssestar, the Selayan Ambassador, a snake-like species, in conflict with the Anticans. He is aboard the Enterprise-D to attend peace negotiations on the planet Parliament.

This complex costume is wonderfully rich with decoration and especially cool because it has the original prosthetic hands made by Michael Westmore's department.

Dr. Katherine Pulaski

This is a rare costume from TNG's second season Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pulaski. Played by veteran Trek actress Diana Muldaur, she came aboard the Enterprise-D to replace Dr. Crusher, who apparently took a different assignment at Starfleet Medical. Diana Muldaur is unique in that she is the only TOS actress to take a leading role on another Trek series. Her TOS appearances occurred on "Return to Tomorrow" and "Is There in Truth No Beauty?"

This costume was designed specifically for Muldaur as on homage to her TOS work. You might notice that the tunic is reminiscent of the early skants, and Dr. Pulaski is the only character ever to wear this style of uniform.

Dr. Beverly Crusher

This season 1 & 2 style costume was worn by Gates McFadden in her role as Dr. Crusher in the TNG pilot episode "Encounter at Farpoint." This was confirmed by the costume card attached to the sleeve. This costume is nice because it came with the original screen used rank pips and comm badge already attached. Complete costumes are always more desirable for collectors, and when I saw this in the Christie's catalog, I just had to get it.

I actually enjoyed her character on the show, especially in the later seasons. I thought that she grew quite a bit as TNG continued, and her relationship with Captain Picard evolved nicely. This is definitely a costume I will continue to display for years to come.

Monday, September 7, 2009


I am happily sitting at my dining table tonight writing this introduction to the newest blog: The Rest of the Trek. This is a continuation of the work done on my Deep Space Nine blog .

The purpose of this blog is to present those Star Trek costumes in my collection that represent the other series or the various motion pictures.

With this blog I will be looking forward to presenting many of the pieces that I cherish for their inherent quality of construction, material, the character represented, or simply just because they are damn cool. I will be completing my online display of costumes and creating a site that hopefully many people will find informative and interesting. I will attempt to do my best to describe these pieces and hope that you return occasionally to check out the latest updates.

Live long and prosper,
Thot Pran