Monday, April 12, 2010

Dr. David Marcus

From Star Trek III "The Search for Spock" comes a sentimental character for James T. Kirk, his long-lost son, David Marcus. We first met David, played by the now deceased Merritt Butrick, in "The Wrath of Khan", and with the sequel we follow the continuing story of Dr. Marcus' adventures on the Genesis planet. As we all know, not only does he, along with LT. Saavik, find the younger Spock, but he engages the marauding Klingons and dies in the ensuing struggle. This death forever haunts Kirk and scars his perception of the Klingons all the way through Star Trek VI "The Undiscovered Country." David remains a tragic figure and a sad, but crucial and character-forming chapter in Kirk's life.

One of the great things about owning a Hero costume is the chance that it IS what you think you are getting. In this case, the pockets of the jacket still had Hollywood "snow" in the pockets, and the boots still had mud from the "Genesis Planet" on the bottoms. How cool is that? This stuff is what I love about the hobby!


  1. Greetings! I've always liked this costume, and over the years I've toyed with the idea of re-creating it (although it would make more sense for me to costume myself as Sybok; these days, I look more like him than I do David Marcus). Do you still have this outfit? Can you identify the materials it's made of? It's wonderful that these costumes can be preserved and enjoyed by fans like you who appreciate them. Thanks!

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