Monday, May 6, 2013

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Monday, April 12, 2010


From Star Trek V comes the next costume in our line-up. It is Lawrence Lukenbill's stunt double Sybok outfit from "The Final Frontier." This costume is comprised of Vulcan robes and an elaborate tabbard seen in the 1st half of the film.

Dr. David Marcus

From Star Trek III "The Search for Spock" comes a sentimental character for James T. Kirk, his long-lost son, David Marcus. We first met David, played by the now deceased Merritt Butrick, in "The Wrath of Khan", and with the sequel we follow the continuing story of Dr. Marcus' adventures on the Genesis planet. As we all know, not only does he, along with LT. Saavik, find the younger Spock, but he engages the marauding Klingons and dies in the ensuing struggle. This death forever haunts Kirk and scars his perception of the Klingons all the way through Star Trek VI "The Undiscovered Country." David remains a tragic figure and a sad, but crucial and character-forming chapter in Kirk's life.

One of the great things about owning a Hero costume is the chance that it IS what you think you are getting. In this case, the pockets of the jacket still had Hollywood "snow" in the pockets, and the boots still had mud from the "Genesis Planet" on the bottoms. How cool is that? This stuff is what I love about the hobby!

Khan's Henchman

The greatest Star Trek movie of all time yields this fun costume. From "The Wrath of Khan", this shirt was part of motion picture history and for me, it was a definite necessity to get at least one of Khan's crewmen, in this case, his Henchman played by Tim Culbertson. I gladly settled for this piece knowing that the original Khan costume would never be attainable.

While restraining Captain Terrell, this costume graces the Will-Ferrelesque brute aiding Khan in his nefarious plot, and later finds itself hangin' out behind Khan on the bridge of the USS Reliant. What an awesome ride!!

Crewman Marva Starfleet Uniform

Here is the typical background costume for crewmen we now associate with the TOS feature films "The Wrath of Khan" right up through "Generations." This particular uniform has the name "Marva" on the identification badge and the rank for the left sleeve is that of a Petty Officer 1st class. It is typical of the style and a fun filler piece for the collection.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Captain Tavin

The Vulcan captain Tavin, played by Robert Pine (father of Chris Pine aka James T. Kirk), of the civilian tansport vessel Vahklas appeared in the Enterprise first season episode "Fusion." The outfit consists of Vulcan-styled pants, jacket, and shirt.

Suliban Child

From the Enterprise episode "Detained", this costume is worn by one of the young Suliban detainees.

Xindi Mine Guard

This is another one of those costumes that is only on screen for a few minutes and yet is made to extremely high standards. I would definitely recommend one of these to any Star Trek Enterprise collector because the complexity of the outfit is in rare company.

The costume consists of thick, heavy leather pants and long-sleeve shirt, leather armor, and leather boots, all with bluish coloration (from the mine dust.)

Pilgrim Robe

Here is the lead Botothan Pilgrim's robe from the Enterprise episode "Cold Front." This pilgrim leads his people aboard the NX-01 to view the Great Plume of Agosoria. The robes are of heavy weight and beautifully made with decorative buttons at the neck and waist.

Enterprise Telepresence Unit

Oh, to be able to communicate telepathically over vast distances of space... Has this problem hampered your efforts in the past? Fear not, for now your troubled days are over once you install this state of the art telepresence unit in your favorite starship! Simply attach it to the wall at a comfortable height, slip your head inside, and prepare to converse with any other telepathic being within a few light years.

From the Star Trek Enterprise episode "The Aenar" comes this screen-used set piece. It was used not only by the Aenar character Jhamel, but also by T'Pol.

Andorian/Xindi Reptillian Console

This set piece has an interesting history. It was originally built as the torture device used by Shran on Soval in the Enterprise episode "Kirshara." It was later repainted and detailed to serve as the central bridge console on the Xindi reptillian ship in episodes such as "The Council."

Andorian Pistol

This lovely weapon came from the Christie's auction and still bears the lot tag. It is made out of very hard painted foam and has a wonderful metallic finish. It fits perfectly into the holster of the Andorian soldier previously posted making a complete display.

Andorian Soldier

This costume was first introduced in the Enterprise episode "Andorian Incident" in season one. It is made for use by one of Shran's accompanying soldiers. The pants are made out of what appears to be alligator leather, the shirt is a unitard that snaps together at the crotch, and there is a very elaborate harness for a pistol and ammunition.


This costume is one of those that I couldn't wait to get home so that I could see the materials of its construction, and it was well worth the wait. The entirety of the body is made out of sculpted animal hide, either cow or horse, and has an amazing design cut into it. I have never seen anything like this before or since. There are some grey faux fur pants and and underbody shirt that has the sleeves of the outer garment built onto it. I assume that the sleeves needed to be separate from the overcoat to allow some mobility for the actor to raise and lower his arms.

Z'Jod, played by Steve Larson, is the somewhat disreputable dealer of sex slaves on the Xanthan homeworld from the Enterprise episode "Rajiin." He stages a fight with Archer in order to get his infiltrating agent aboard the NX-01.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Captain Tret

OK, this is possibly on my top five list for any of the costumes that I own. It is totally incredible and I can only imagine what this must have cost the studio to produce. Its no wonder that after its initial use in the Star Trek Enterprise episode "Extinction" that it was re-used in several appearances in other episodes. This is quite simply one of the most amazing pieces I have ever come across.

Played by Roger Cross, Tret is the captain of the containment vessel that eventually attacked the NX-o1 to eradicate the mutagenic virus afflicting several of the Starfleet crew.


Close on the heals of Captain Tellus, comes the sexiest Vulcan officer from "Carbon Creek", T'Pol's grandmother T'Mir, in her nicely fitted leather costume. This is the Enterprise costume that she strips out of behind the sheet. It is one of those pieces that looks amazing in-person and equally impressive on-screen. It could be that Jolene Blalock might add a little to the on-screen presentation. There were two versions of this costume made. A perfect minty fresh duty uniform, and this distressed version. You may note some very minor scuffing and some faint carbon scoring, but for me that only adds to the desirability as it is so readily identifiable on-screen, and it is the one that we see her in the most.

Interestingly for me, Jolene stated at the 2008 Vegas CON that this costume was her very favorite outfit from the entire show.

Captain Tellus

For some Enterprise fans, Carbon Creek is merely a diverting episode, but for some of us it is a fantastic episode with a very fun premise. I personally enjoyed the idea of first contact taking place without our knowledge and that one of them stayed behind, leaving countless possibilities. This costume is that of the Vulcan Captain Tellus, played by Ron Marasco, who rescues T'Mir.

Let me just say that these costumes are absolutely INCREDIBLE. There are four different kinds of leather worked beautifully into the outift. Add to that a great vulcan Hieroglyph on the belt and breast, and it is truly exceptional. This is one of those pieces that I would never part with.

Enterprise Command Jumpsuit

So we have moved onto the final series on TV, Enterprise, and I must confess that even though I don't display any of these pieces, they are some of the highest quality pieces I have had the pleasure of owning. The level of detail, quality of material, and workmanship are second to noe and even rival the movie costumes for overall quality.

Here is a very basic, often seen background command gold Enterprise jumpsuit. Stylistically identical to Captain Archer's this costume would have been most likely worn by a nameless background actor with a minimal speaking role. The costume is wonderful in the complexity of its zippered pockets and I love the patch on the sleeve. I would highly recommend a screen-used version of this particular costumes as most of the replicas out there are very poorly made.