Saturday, September 12, 2009

Voyager Command Starfleet Uniform

I think for most people, this style of Starfleet uniform is the least favorite, aside from season 1&2 TNG, and "The Motion Picture" costumes. It is too bad because it is featured heavily on DS9 for the first five seasons and the entire seven season run of Voyager. Personally, I favor the Maroon from "The Wrath of Khan" and the "First Contact" styles best, but this one is OK in my book especially since it fits me like it was tailored for me.

I wore this to the Minneapolis CON in 2007 and had a blast fighting it out with an English Klingon during the dessert party.

This costume was also on page three of the St. Paul Pioneer Press in their coverage of the CON events. The photo as published was in black-and-white, but color looks better. I will hold off on putting screen caps with this entry since anywhere you look on Voyager you see this type of costume.

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  1. Both uniforms look great! Did you make the Voyager and DS9/First Contact style uniforms in the second picture?

    I also do star trek costuming and I'm planning to make a Voyager command uniform as well.